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  • How did you get started with Crafted to a T?
    It started with dragging my mother and older brother to a local estate sale, I had seen on some late night searches someone was looking to sell a kiln, and I needed help getting it back home. For anyone that is in the business of pottery, finding a kiln at an estate sale is like the ultimate stroke of good luck. Thankfully, I have wonderful family members that woke up early on a Saturday to wait in line for our turn to take a peek at the beautiful piece of equipment. When I walked into the garage of the house I tried to play it cool, I didn't want to seem overly excited on the off chance it didn't work or someone else had already claimed it. After speaking to the woman running the sale and plugging it in to make sure the elements turned on it was mine. I could hardly contain my excitement. At this point in time I assumed I would be making small things for family and friends and myself. Never had I imagined I would be starting my own business. Never had I imagined people other than my family would be complimenting me on my skill and never had I imagined those wonderful people would be spending their hard earned money on my hard work. After getting the kiln home, daydreaming for a few months about firing my very own kiln, watching a million YouTube videos, and then calling a local electrician to install a sub panel in my garage to power this beauty, things started to fall into place.
  • Where is your studio?
    Currently, my studio is in the basement of my house. I am not able to host any classes or lessons, it is the perfect size for me but.. that's about all that can work comfortably in the area. One day, I will hopefully have a more public friendly area for anyone interested to join in a lesson or meet for a custom order discussion.
  • Do you have a storefront?
    I do not have a storefront but I am always available to discuss any purchases or custom orders. Any work seen on any of my social media outlets, unless otherwise mentioned in the post, are available for purchase! Send me a direct message, email, or call/text me for buying options! I also am a vendor at many markets and art shows in Connecticut and sometimes upstate New York. Check out the upcoming show section on my home page.
  • Is the pottery microwave safe? Dishwasher-safe? Can I eat out of them?
    Yes to all! While making all of my pieces I make sure I use the right glazes and firing temperatures for them to be microwave, food, and dishwasher safe. **Oven note* I personally have not tried any of my dishes in the oven, they do get fired in a 2000+ kiln for the final glaze fire so I know they will not melt but I cannot promise they will not crack because of thermal shock. I would not recommend putting anything you buy from me in the oven.
  • What is crazing? If any of my dishes have crazing is it still okay to eat food out of?
    Crazing is one of the more controversial topics in the pottery world. In the past, if any dish had crazing usually that meant it was no longer food safe. Especially with early pottery, before electric kilns and a broader variety of clay bodies and glazes, many fatty foods would seep into the cracks of a piece and the next time it was used or heat was applied to it the grease would leech out of the glaze cracks. Also, those cracks would hold on to bacteria and germs and the probability of getting sick would be higher. With modern soaps and the use of dishwashers the risk of illness caused by crazed pottery is not nearly as much of a concern. A very popular ceramics magazine called Ceramics Monthly did a study on crazing and the risk of bacteria growth. You can read the article HERE. As well as modern cleaning procedures, modern kilns are more accurate with temperature control and the promise of "vitrified" clay is higher. Also, the ability to use clay bodies and glazes that compliment the expansion and contraction of each other can help with any crazing problems that may appear. I use clay and glaze that have been tested to match and lessen the risk of crazing significantly.
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